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Welfare System

You are Melcon's precious asset.

MELCON provides the best conveniences for maintaining
a happy work and family life through diverse employee benefits packages

Melcon Welfare System


  • Provision of In-house Dormitories
  • Operation of Lounges
  • Provision of Recreational Facilities
  • and Provision of Meals


  • Provision of Comprehensive Medical Examinations
  • Operation of In-house Massage Apparatuses


  • Incentive System
  • Project Compensation System
  • Payment of Statutory Labor Allowances
  • Rewards for Long-term Employed Persons
  • Provision of License Acquisition Expenses
  • Proposal System(Prize Money)
  • Employee Invention System(Prize Money)

Congratulations and Condolences

  • Congratulations and Condolences Leave
  • Expenditure for Congratulations and Condolences
  • Wreath


  • Provision of Interest on Housing Loans
  • Holiday Presents
  • Overseas Service Allowance
  • Provision of Communication Expenses
  • Rewards for Recommended Excellent Personnel

MELCON welcomes active, potential personnel who are not afraid of challenges.

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