Business Areas

Pride in Melcon
As a global company, MELCON bravely competes with home and overseas companies.
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
MELCON delivers high-performance products to the world’s greatest memory and foundry semiconductor companies, and provides customer satisfaction and customer delight through providing the high-tech technologies and best services. As an equipment company equipped with its own technical prowess, MELCON meets the requirements of the semiconductor market.
THC Dehumidifier CHR
Future Industry
MELCON’s new business division secures frontier technical prowess based on its experience and know-how in supplying diverse systems required to develop, produce and maintain semiconductor products, and practices continuous research and development to provide optimized equipment software and services suitable for the future high-tech industry based on the AI-based self-diagnosis technology and semiconductor system technology.
Future-creating Technology Industry Expertise in Software Solution

THC (Temperature & Humidity Controller)

It is a system that adjusts the air temperature, humidity and air current in a way best conforming to the intention of the user.

Intended Use of THC

To control the temperature/humidity environment of the coater and developer equipment for photolithography and of the PR throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process

THC for 300mm

Control Spec. Temp. THC S.V ± 0.1℃
Humid. S.V ± 0.5%
Temp. CHR S.V ± 0.1℃

THC for 200mm

Control Spec. Temp. THC S.V ± 0.1℃
Humid. S.V ± 0.5%


It is a system that controls the humidity within the chamber by cooling down the indoor air.

Intended Use of Dehumidifier

To control the humidity of the etch and wet equipment throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process


Product specification

Temperature/humidity control performance
  • Temperature : 23 ℃ ± 1 ℃, Humidity :10% ↓ (specific process 3% ↓)
  • Wind speed : 0.2 ~ 0.5 m/sec)

CHR (Chiller)

It is a system that adjusts the temperature of the liquid(constant-temperature water) in a way suitable for user requirements.

Intended Use of CHR

To control the motor, flow and water temperature of the coater and developer equipment for photolithography throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process

For 300mm

  • Control temperature range : +20.0℃ ~27.0℃
  • Temperature control precision : S/V ± 0.05 ℃
  • Option : Absorbing vibration of coolant flow

Future-creating Technology Industry

MELCON aims to use the best endeavors to develop and provide the TMS services to customers based on the purpose to efficiently control the inquiries on and analyses of the produced products through self-developing the MES, QMS and WMS for product production computerization experiences based on its experience and know-how in semiconductor products.
  • H2O-based Defect Control Function in Special Process Using “Humidity Controlled Clean Air Supply System"
  • Provision of Software Solutions Ranging from Data Gathering to Big Data
  • Provision of Support for Development of AI-based Self-diagnosis Technology Based on Abundant Experience, Know-how and Data

Expertise in Software Solution

MELCON’s subsidiary SOLUIT aims to actively develop software solutions required by products and provide optimized equipment software suitable for products by cooperating with the semiconductor manufacturing product development department being developed by MELCON. MELCON plans to satisfy customer needs based on its programmers’ capabilities and passion and its abundant experience, know-how and big data.
  • Development and Supply of Cutting-edge Software Solutions
  • Development of Device Auto Control Systems, Provision of Software Services, Consulting, Etc.