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Sustainability Management


MELCON will open a sustainable future based on its burning passion for challenges and its strong belief for principles.

To provide customers with excellent products and services, MELCON enhances customer satisfaction and customer trust with its manufacturing, company-wide management control system and process control system.

To realize customer delight through the implementation of the best equipment quality, MELCON secures the initial quality through its process control system, minimizes performance the deviations per equipment, constructs independent quality reinforcement systems to be operated by its partners, and operates quality priority policies to allow all its employees to continuously conduct improvement activities.

Through continuous improvements and quality innovation activities, MELCON will provide the best quality equipment and services satisfying the customer requirements.

Construction of Highest Quality Systems through Introduction of Cutting-edge Systems
Management Control System
Operation of Top-class Quality Management System through Introduction of Quality Audit System and Preventive Quality Control System Based on ISO 9001 Quality Management System
Process Control System
Strict Process Control through Quality Real-name System
Production of Best Products through System Construction